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Ken Nahan (a.k.a. Ken Kenan) – Love Portraits

In January 2009, Ken Nahan began creating his “Love Portraits” series.  Nahan asks his subjects to think of someone they love, living or passed, and then to look directly into the lens of the camera and express that love.

Once the photograph is taken, the artist goes through a series of steps to develop the image, removing the color and much of the “bulk.”  The result is then transferred to a sheet of archival paper through a rubbing technique.  In this process, the artist first prints the image onto a sheet of clear plastic. Then, while the ink is still wet, he positions the plastic, ink-side down, onto the paper and rubs it to transfer the ink, thus creating the finished portrait.

Each love portrait is created by hand in small editions (usually 10 pieces) on acid-free paper, 8.5" x 11.25" (larger formats are possible) with deckled edges and is hand-signed and numbered.

If you are interested in commissioning the artist to do your Love Portrait, please contact us.