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Shan Zuo Zhou (b. 1952, Guangxi, China), Da Huang Zhou (b. 1955, Guangxi, China)

The Zhou Brothers are unique figures in contemporary art, having become national cultural heroes in mainland China while still in their twenties and thirties. They were among the first artist permitted by the Chinese government to publicly display their abstract art. In 1985 they were granted an unprecedented national exhibition which toured five major museums in China.

For over two decades now, the Zhou Brothers have worked in a freely interactive process, with both artists contributing in a spirit of collaborative improvisation. This relationship has attracted much attention in the United States, where the brothers have lived since 1986. They have enjoyed success at exhibitions throughout the U.S., Western Europe and Asia.

Exhibitions and collections include the National Gallery, Beijing, Portland Art Museum, Oregon, Art Frankfurt, Art Koln, FIAC, Paris, International Art Exposition, Chicago, Central Plaza, Hong Kong, Tokyo International Art Exposition and AT&T, Chicago.